Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Program Overview

The best way to move to the cloud is with end-to-end migration support from @Microsoft advisors and migration partners. Watch the Microsoft Dynamics365 video for an overview of the Dynamics 365 Migration Program. Contact us to discuss how the team at ThinOps Services can help you with your Dynamics 365 migration.


Extending Zero Trust to The Endpoint

Are you looking for an integrated platform approach that combines both endpoint and network security? The @Palo Alto Networks blog explores how to achieve holistic protection and implement the Zero Trust model across your entire security architecture.

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How to Drive Productivity in Today’s Cloud-First World

Using more than one device for work slows workflows when data doesn’t automatically sync. How does that impact your employees’ productivity? Your helpful guide to workforce productivity, this Citrix eBook shows how to gain visibility and simplify management of apps, desktops, data and devices in a secure digital workspace that delivers the unified experience employees need to be productive.


Dell Technologies APEX: Transforming IT Infrastructure and Delivering a Path to the Post-hybrid Cloud Era

Delivering superior online experiences that improve efficiency and engagement is a must in the post-hybrid cloud era. What infrastructure transformation strategies can you plan to achieve this goal? This whitepaper on Dell APEX provides insight. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to learn how ThinOps Services can get you started.

Just the Facts: HPE Security

Ransomware attacks have slowed supply chains to a crawl, shut down hospitals and closed city services. How would your organization hold up if it’s next? Even if you “think” you’re protected, ThinOps Services wants you to watch this information-packed video, “Just the Facts,” about the threat of ransomware. And if you think you have more vulnerabilities than you thought, reach out to hear about the solutions from @Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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