Zero-Trust Security for Edge-to-Cloud IT Environments

Cyberattackers now use advanced exploitation techniques that give them a long-term presence in an enterprise network. What can stop them? CoreL8 Technologies recommends that if you have a distributed architecture, read this timely @HPE brochure about the use of a Zero Trust security policy in edge-to-cloud environments. And click “Like” if you want a professional evaluation of your cybersecurity.

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Securing Access to Internal Apps with a Zero Trust Approach

How can you provide a zero trust approach that gives your hybrid workforce access to vital files and apps? 🙄 Consider sharing ideas here in the comments. For more, download this eBook on how @Citrix Secure Workspace Access enables zero trust and improves user experience by providing secure, single sign-on access to every app and file even on untrusted, personal devices. Reach out to CoreL8 Technologies to discuss how our experts can help.

RBC creates personalized offers while protecting data privacy with Azure confidential computing

With Microsoft @Azure confidential computing, Royal Bank of Canada delivers real-time, personalized offers while protecting client data and confidentiality. How does your organization protect data and confidentiality?

If you’re looking for a better way, watch this video and when you’re done, contact a @Microsoft Azure confidential computing expert from CoreL8 Technologies who can help your organization share and aggregate data more efficiently and intelligently.


Are You Ready for a Ransomware Attack?

Are you ready for a ransomware attack? CoreL8 Technologies is ready to help. Sink your teeth 🦷 into this beefy blog post from Citrix. It 🍽 sets the table for proactive security and threat mitigation, offering action items to protect your organization.

What if you can implement #ZeroTrust security with just one solution? Find out how to keep your #hybridworkspace secure. Contact CoreL8 Technologies to learn more about implementing Zero Trust with @CitrixWorkspace.

What if you could implement Zero Trust security with just one solution? Now is the time to step up your cybersecurity protections with @Citrix Secure Workspace Access. Improve user experiences by offering hybrid workers a single sign-on to securely access every app and file including corporate web, SaaS and virtual applications. How canCoreL8 Technologies help you simplify and secure access on untrusted devices? Share your thoughts in the comments.

What is confidential computing?

Gain complete control over cloud data and start seamlessly migrating workloads to the cloud. Read the @Microsoft blog on confidential computing and contact a @Microsoft @Azure confidential computing expert from CoreL8 Technologies to discuss next steps.


Ransomware Threat Report 2022

Ransomware tactics and techniques are continuing to evolve, demonstrating threat actors’ growing technological sophistication as attacks become more impactful.

This @Palo Alto Networks report outlines the #ransomware threat and provides the strategic framework necessary to neutralize it.