Why Hybrid Work Works

Hybrid workers — those who work partly in an office and partly remote — are more productive and engaged than employees who work solely in one environment. How would a hybrid model work for your company? ThinOps Services recommends reading this @Citrix Workspace blog about the characteristics of productive hybrid work companies and how you can create that in your organization.

How can we help you be more proactive about identity & access management? Reply if you’d like one of our experts to reach out to discuss your goals and the solutions we offer to address them — including @Microsoft Entra.

How does @Microsoft Entra deliver identity and access management controls? The Entra product family is designed to protect access to any app or resource by enabling security teams to discover and manage permissions in multi cloud environments. Tell us if you’d like to learn more from an Entra Verified ID expert at ThinOps Services.

6 Must-Haves for Hybrid, Multi-Cloud App Delivery

Our organization’s app delivery process is:

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Download this helpful whitepaper from Citrix that shows the value of an application delivery controller (ADC) in today’s complicated hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With an effective ADC and a management and orchestration platform, IT gets complete visibility into the entire application infrastructure.


App Delivery for Complex Environments Made Simple, Flexible, Cost Effective

How streamlined is your app delivery?

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Check out this blog by Citrix on how to get rid of your app delivery nightmares. As more applications find their way to the cloud some organizations are running into complications. The answer is an application delivery controller that enables smooth transitions to the cloud to manage microservices and provide reliable access, cost savings, and flexibility.

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REI Connects with Customers for Virtual Outfitting

Creating personalized experiences that connect at-home shoppers with the same level of service they would get in-store is omnichannel gold. How can @Microsoft Teams help?

Read the customer success story to learn how and contact a ThinOps Services Microsoft Teams expert for a face-to-face consultation.

Innovative Solar Panel Manufacturer Builds a Solid Foundation for Future Growth on Azure

When you produce highly efficient, reliable solar panels that provide people with clean and affordable solar power, it stands to reason you’d want a highly efficient, long-term network infrastructure. Read how after choosing @Microsoft Azure Cloud, it’s been nothing but sunny skies for the REC Group. Brighten up your organization’s future by contacting a ThinOps Services @Microsoft Security expert to discuss next steps.

Cloud Identity Engine

Are your network security operators struggling to secure the workforce and enable safe and secure access to applications and data they need to get their work done?

The @Palo Alto Networks Cloud Identity Engine is a new cloud-based architecture for identity-based security. Download the datasheet for details.

Improve security with remote access and verifiable ID’s

Planning ahead for various access scenarios across your organization and third-party suppliers with devices outside of your security perimeter is hard. Request a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss how ThinOps Services can help you improve security with remote access and verifiable IDs enabled by technology solutions like @Microsoft Entra.