What’s New in Zerto 10

When it comes to protection and recovery from a ransomware attack, the most important elements of your security solution should be early detection and speed. How confident are you that your currently configured solution is capable of keeping your organization safe? Check out this important solution brief highlighting the advantages of the @Zerto 10 upgrade. It’s packed with new features to keep you in business, from real-time encryption detection to a secure cyber resilience vault.

Simplifying cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure

Don’t let the challenges and complexities of cloud migration hold you back any longer. Download this eBook and empower your employees and IT team with the actionable insights they need to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption with confidence, mitigate potential risks and overcome obstacles, and maximize the benefits of @Azure for your business.

DM us when you are ready to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your operations with @Microsoft Azure.

New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Your organization’s ability to integrate and adopt advanced technologies like AI hinges on the strength and agility of your infrastructure. @Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform delivers a projected ROI of 95% – 232%. How else do you benefit? Download your complimentary copy of @Forrester’s TEI report for findings on projected cost savings and other quantified business benefits.

How Data Protection Drives Resilience

How confident are you that your data protection strategy can stand up to sophisticated ransomware threats? What is the advantage of using real-time ransomware encryption detection technology that analyzes blocks of data as they’re written? 🤔 For insight, read the @HPE blog post, “How Data Protection Drives Resilience.”

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform — Unleash your data and accelerate your transformation

Data solutions created today must be designed to ensure they can easily manage spikes in data, new workloads and new technologies for many years to come. How confident are you that your solution can manage future advances? Read this blog about the advantages of the @Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, the innovative solution that lets you take advantage of integrated advanced analytics and the latest AI tools.