As organizations add new sub-based offerings, their revenue recognition processes become more complex. Contact a @MSFTDynamics365 expert to discuss/compare costs of a subscription-based or on-prem infrastructure. #MSDyn365

Looking for a new approach to subscription billing? Contact a @Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at ThinOps Services to discuss and compare the costs of a subscription-based or on-prem centered infrastructure.


Reduce the Risk of Insider Threats Blueprint

What’s the biggest cybersecurity challenge your business faces? Let us know in the comments.

As organizations like yours transform digitally and the diversity of the security environment expands, new security models like zero trust can help bring context and insight into a rapidly evolving attack surface.

Read this blueprint and contact a ThinOps Services cybersecurity expert to learn how to overcome security challenges with zero trust.

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Preparing for the New Normal: The Rise of Remote Work and How to Futureproof Your Company

As high as 74% of businesses plan to make work from home (WFA) a permanent option. What about your organization?  How will you manage the impact of remote work on culture, business processes and IT? A provider of Citrix Workspace solutions, ThinOps Services can help you support remote work and maximize security, IT visibility and business continuity.

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A New Dawn for Data Protection Innovation

How ready is your organization for a cyberattack?

👍🏼We’re ready. Bring it on
💡We’d probably survive but don’t really want to test it
🤔 Not at all. Help.

A cyberattack isn’t a matter of if, but when. Check out this blog for some tips and information on the latest innovations from @Dell Technologies.

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The Rise of the Triple Peak Day

The 9-to-5 workday is fading with remote and hybrid work. Is this what’s happening at your company? For a look at how employees’ desires for more flexibility and better work/life balance, read this blog showing recent findings from @Microsoft on changing productivity peaks. Get in touch to learn how an expert from ThinOps Services can help you maximize employees’ productivity peaks with Microsoft 365 tools including Microsoft Teams.


HPE Enables Zero Trust Security Architecture with Project Aurora

Cybercriminals are focused on one thing: Getting a tiny opening into your system and stealing data, taking control of systems and causing general mayhem. How do you rate your ability to fend them off? ThinOps Services recommends this analyst report about Project Aurora, a new cloud-native, Zero Trust security initiative for the @HPE edge-to-cloud architecture.

Zero Trust to Stop an Insider Threat Attack

Click 👏 if you’re ready to stop #insiderthreat attacks on your business. With @IBM, ThinOps Services helps you adopt a zero trust #cybersecurity approach.

A Zero Trust architecture for your business can significantly collapse the amount of time it takes to contain an insider threat attack through dynamic access and automated remediation.

Watch this for insight 💡.

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