What factors should you consider when evaluating your organization’s capacity to support #remotework? Reply if you’re interested in discussing strategies with ThinOps Services.

Companies that were able to handle the pandemic-related surge in remote workers fairly easily share a set of common characteristics. What does it take to securely and effectively support a remote workforce? Reply if you’re interested in discussing how the team at ThinOps Services can help.

SaaS PowerProtect Intro

Remote work isn’t going away and cloud migration continues to accelerate. What data protection challenges are you likely to encounter? How can ThinOps Services help you address your challenges? With @Dell Technologies PowerProtect, we offer scalable, secure data protection for SaaS applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads. This video gives you a quick overview. Consider reaching out if you’d like to learn more.

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How many productivity peaks exist in your #hybridwork environment? How can @MicrosoftTeams help manage them? RT to start a conversation.

How many productivity peaks exist in your hybrid work environment? @Microsoft has done research that suggests the 9-to-5 workday is fading in an age of remote and hybrid work and more flexible hours. Consider sharing your thoughts in the comments and get in touch to have a ThinOps Services expert show you how @Microsoft productivity tools help manage these peaks.

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Zero Trust Security

Every 11 seconds, a cybersecurity event costs business $2 million on average to resolve. How can a Zero Trust security strategy help you avoid these kinds of risks? ThinOps Services recommends watching this video by @HPE for ideas.


3 Key Resources to Accelerate Your Passwordless Journey

When it comes to password use, the risks outweigh the benefits. It’s time your organization started looking at password alternatives that are both highly secure and convenient. Read the @Microsoft blog and contact ThinOps Services for a free consultation from one of our security experts.
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Infographic — Cloud Impact

Is your organization investing enough time, money and resources into fulfilling core business strategies Download the @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Infographic and then get in touch for a one-on-one walk through from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at ThinOps Services.

Toyota Manufacturing Uses Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality to Boost Efficiency and Scalability

Excellence is a constant journey of incremental changes, not a set destination. How’s your journey going? Share your progress. Then watch the video to see how Toyota Manufacturing follows this philosophy with the help of @Microsoft to continuously improve vehicle repair and service efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on Microsoft HoloLens 2.

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Amedsys Prescribes Microsoft Security and a Password-Free Solution to Support Clinical Teams

Amedisys Home Health streamlines security with a password-free solution. How would security improve at your organization if you could free workers from passwords? Read the customer story to learn how @Microsoft Security saves this healthcare and hospice health provider time and money while strengthening security. When you’re done reading, contact a @Microsoft Security expert from ThinOps Services for a free consultation.